About us

Hi, I'm Annie, and I'm totally obsessed with wicker and rattan... in a good way!  For over two decades, I've studied, traveled, manufactured and sold custom and branded wicker pieces all over the world.  All the while, talkin' wicker and natural weaving techniques amongst beloved friends and colleagues.  Now in the later stages of my career, I've transitioned online as a way to share my passion with a larger audience and, most importantly, give my incredibly talented friends from around the world (with less means and opportunity) a reliable way to make a living doing what they love.  This site was my promise to them.

Like many other handmade skills, creating wicker and woven products is a slowing art form.  Less of the knowledge seems to be making it to the next generation and, in my humble opinion, it's our duty to keep it alive for those that want to carry the (wicker? :) torch.  Much like thread sewing, making handmade wicker will probably never go away. It'll hopefully always remain a much-loved hobby and it's my goal to make this site and store a reflection of that.  Please know your purchase will not only get you a great-looking, functional wicker basket, but it'll also help deserving individuals  and very small businesses from all around the world.  

Which basket(s) do you recommend the most?

It's a common question but never an easy answer.  I personally own a handful of each item we carry (you should see my bedroom!)  The beauty of wicker is there are always multiple ways and places to use it.  For example, I have our kitchen wicker baskets in just about every room in our house.  From the pantry to the shower, natural rattan, willow and grass is as versatile as they come.  By the way, for the uninitiated, "wicker" isn't a type of plant or tree.  It's a weaving technique that uses any number of plant materials.  My personal favorite is rattan, mainly due to its rare mix of strength and flexibility.  Unlike bamboo, it has a solid core so tends to be more durable and last quite a bit longer.  Willow, a type of bushy deciduous tree or shrub, is even more flexible and great for tight turns and shapes.  Most of the items on the site tend to be rattan and willow (we do bamboo as well but more often upon request).

Why choose us?

In addition to the pieces I still create on my own, the rest of the items you'll find on the site are lovingly crafted from our hand-picked artisans and friends.  They're all experts in their respective fields so expect quality craftsmanship, natural materials and consistent attention to detail.  We're so sure you'll love your basket that all our pieces carry a 30-day money-back guarantee.  Get in touch if you need help or assistance with anything. Thanks for stopping by and hope to see you again soon!


We're happy and proud to be offering free shipping on every order, every day!  Since all the items on the site are handmade and most of them are coming from abroad,  please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.  Trust me, it'll be worth wait.  If you run into any issues with your delivery, please contact anytime us via the link above.